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Matcha Green Tea 750mg

25mg of CBD per tablet 

Enjoy the flavor of real matcha in this higher CBD content tablet. Great anytime, but especially designed to put some pep in your step. Each tab has a 25mg dose of CBD in an enjoyable, easy to consume package.

To help you track your wellness journey, we gift a sustainable journal with every first-time purchase.


All natural hemp products. Sent to your doorstep.

Natural Hemp Extract 

The 100% whole plant, full-spectrum Hemp extract we use is sourced from an organic farm in Colorado and does not contain propylene glycol or any added chemicals.

Organic Matcha

We use organic matcha, which is high in catechins. Catechins act as natural antioxidants that may help promote liver, brain, and heart health. 

Green Tea

Green tea is also high in catechins, but a special kind -- EGCG -- which has been known to improve blood flow, help the body heal by preventing cell damage.

Certificate of Analysis

Farming Standards

Our Colorado hemp farms cultivate our proprietary genetics produced from years of research and development. We utilize strict organic farming practices, ensuring no pesticides or herbicides are used. All of our hemp strains are non-GMO with proven high CBD and low THC ratios.

Natural Promise

All of our products are independent, third-party lab-tested for cannabinoid content, pesticide exposure, solvent residue, and heavy metal content. We only formulate our CBD products with safe, natural ingredients. We’re committed to your safety and embrace full transparency, traceability, and testing.

Flavonoids & Terpenes 

Hemp flavonoids are the cellular messengers and terpenes are the fragrant oils delivered to the senses. For example, you may have experienced a sense of calmness, open airways, relaxation and alertness while going on a hike. This could be because you are breathing in Pinene, the terpene found in pine needles.

No Pesticides or Allergens

Our gummies, oils, and tablets come from pesticide free, plant-based, and USA-grown ingredients. They’re also made in an allergy-free facility and are vegan and gluten-free.

No, You Won't Get High

Our products might be chock-full of ultra-potent, rad-tasting CBD that smells, just faintly, of a 1970’s Grateful Dead concert. But we swear: there’s no THC here! Only the innate magic of CBD.


Matcha Green Tea 750mg

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United States United States

Anxiety who?

My day isn't complete without taking one of these with breakfast and another before I go to bed. I notice that my anxiety and stress have been relieved, enabling me to be more present for the important stuff!

United States United States

Matcha rules

Wasn't sure what to expect with this flavor but it's sooo good! Perfect blend of matcha and I love that it's organic. Unlike other cbd products I actually feel the results - one week into taking them and I feel the difference in stress levels and sleep.

Ann N.
United States United States

Green TEA 750

I was very skeptical at first. However, I really believe this has helped stop my lower back pain. I also have a lot more energy, and I’m sleeping better at night. As a 66 year old woman, I’m super happy with these results. I’ve taken only two so far, but look forward to seeing if I keep feeling this good each day as I continue to take one daily.

Nicholas D.
United States United States

My favorite

This is my personal favorite. Knocks me right out at bedtime when the mind is racy!

How to Take CBD Tablets

Choose the right tablet for you

Start slow, with a single tablet on a daily basis, to get an idea of how our products affect you. While taking the tablets, allow them to completely dissolve under your tongue.

Monitor your results

With your first purchase, you’ll be gifted a wellness journal. Document everything, from the time of day you’re taking your tablets to the how you feel afterwards, so that you can alter your routine as necessary. 

Consistency is key

Once you have found a wellness routine that works for you, take your tablets on a daily basis. We make this simple, through our subscriptions. Sign up for a subscription today to make life just a little easier!