Why tablets?

What are cbd tablets?

Our tablets are pressed, delicious, and made from 100% organic hemp and plant-based materials. They’re designed to dissolve in your mouth for much higher efficacy than other oral CBD products, and allow for incredibly accurate dosage for easy monitoring.

all-natural, handcrafted, cbd tablets

Our Difference

The Tablet difference

Our tablets have a higher CBD absorption rate, (a rather fancy way of saying that your body absorbs more CBD with our tablets than with most other CBD products). Why? Well, the sugars and alcohols that compose our tablets are 80% more effective at integrating into the bloodstream than oils, gummies, powders, or vitamins that need to be broken down by the liver. With CBD, consistency is key; and nothing is more consistent than a pre-dosed product. With our tablets, you can easily regulate your daily intake of CBD and create a reliable wellness routine.



Our tablets are made with 100% organic hemp and plant-based materials that we grind and press into something you can truly enjoy, stress-free. With our tablets, you won’t have to spend another day staring at a dropper to make sure you’re taking the same amount of CBD as yesterday.

 With real ingredients from US farms, our tablets aren’t just a better way to take CBD; they’re a fun, natural way to support domestically sourced — and made — products for a healthier you.

all-natural, us-grown, lab certified cbd tablets



Our CBD comes from organic hemp, harvested right here in the USA. 


Our products are plant-based. You won’t find anything artificial here!


Our delicious, herb-based flavors come from organic suppliers.

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What's not inside


With organic hemp and real ingredients, you don’t have to worry about any of the icky stuff. 


Our products are gluten free, so everyone can indulge!


Our products do not contain THC, so you can enjoy the benefits without getting high. 

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The Story Behind the Tablets

We all know what it’s like to feel stress. Our tablets were born to provide a straightforward, convenient, and delicious way to help combat it. As we begun experimenting with tablets, we created a matrix that allowed us to infuse each tablet with a specific amount of CBD. With this precision, our tablets are a consistent, reliable CBD product. In several delicious flavors sourced from real ingredients, they are more than just another way to take CBD; they’re an artfully-crafted indulgence.

How to take cbd tablets

Choose the right tablet for you

Start slow, with a single tablet on a daily basis, to get an idea of how our products affect you. While taking the tablets, allow them to completely dissolve under your tongue.

Monitor your results

With your first purchase, you’ll be gifted a wellness journal. Document everything, from the time of day you’re taking your tablets to the how you feel afterwards, so that you can alter your routine as necessary. 

Consistency is key

Once you have found a wellness routine that works for you, take your tablets on a daily basis. We make this simple, through our subscriptions. Sign up for a subscription today to make life just a little easier!